Science is an essential part of the total school curriculum. By selecting a balanced science curriculum students will develop an understanding of themselves as interdependent members of society and as a responsible agent within the eco-system of nature. In addition, all science course offerings engage students in developing problem-solving and decision making skills.

About Science

In order to graduate from high school, students are also required to demonstrate mastery of the following Core Curriculum Content Standards during their course of study. Students are also encouraged to explore the Science electives to further complement their educational perspective.
These standards will be addressed within the required curriculum. Students graduating are required to have a minimum of fifteen credits in science.
These 15 Credits should include an introductory level course in each of the following sciences: Physics or Physical Science, Chemistry, and Biology.
Students who plan to major in science, engineering or medicine should consider taking two sciences per year in their Junior and Senior years. One or more of these upper level courses should be AP Biology, AP Chemistry,AP Environmental Science and/or AP Physics.



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