Welcome to Special Education.

We invite you to use your imagination and talent (great or small) in the world of art to develop the critical skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century. Be prepared to explore, critique, and appreciate the art all around you. Students in our Art program: think critically, create, explore, design, construct, interpret, question, experiment, and communicate in imaginative ways through their own unique artistic expression. We invite you to join us!

About Special Education

New Jersey Administrative Code 6:A mandates that students who are classified with an educational disability have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) developed by the IEP team consisting of the Student, Parents, Child Study Team members, Guidance Counselor, and Special and Regular Education Teachers. Special needs students are educated in the least restrictive environment consistent with their IEP. A continuum of programs and/or related services are available in the Special Education Department. Specific programs include resource center, inclusion classes, the Transition Academic Program for emotionally disturbed students, and special education electives.


In an inclusion class students are exposed to the regular education curriculum with modifications and strategies as specified in their individualized education plan. Inclusion classes are offered in the core academic areas: English, Math, History and Science. Recommendation by the Child Study Team is required.

Resource Center

In the replacement resource program, the regular education curriculum is modified based on the student’s IEP. In a pull-out single-subject replacement resource program there is a maximum of nine (9) students without an aide. The instructional goal is to expose the student to the curriculum proficiencies described in the NJ Core Curriculum Standards in a manner consistent with his/her learning style and intellectual abilities.


The TAP self-contained program serves classified students with emotional difficulties negatively impacting on their academic performance. It is a highly structured, behavior modification program designed to change the negative classroom behaviors, and facilitate a successful return to mainstream classes. Recommendation by the Child Study Team is required.



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